The exterior of an apartment building in Orange, New Jersey
The exterior of an apartment building in Orange, New Jersey

Multi-family apartment building has expanded rapidly over the last 20 years. Many of those projects occur in smaller cities or towns in the New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania area. The Kitchen Classics is one of the largest, most admired multi-family suppliers in the region. We increasingly find ourselves involved in projects that are right downtown in rejuvenated smaller cities. We have recently completed projects in Jersey City, East Orange and South Orange New Jersey as well as New Rochelle New York.

These multi-family projects bring high quality housing into downtown urban areas. The results are a win-win in that residents live in luxury apartments in dynamic cities, and cities gain enthusiastic residents, into what were often depressed areas, that spend with local businesses and organizations and participate in community events. These developments will typically include affordable housing units.

The Kitchen Classics works closely with multi-family developers to create exceptional properties. We have worked on a large array of urban multi-family projects and they present special challenges. Space around the construction site is often limited so staging and delivery are key, there’s no room to store anything. Once the materials are in the building The Kitchen Classics and our trade partners get to work and create custom kitchens and baths, countertops, interior doors and moulding, fine millwork, and finished amenity spaces including clubhouses. Some of our larger projects like Modera Lofts in downtown Jersey City involve building nearly 400 kitchens in a very short amount of time. Add in as many as 600 bathroom vanity installations and the scope of the project is something very few firms can handle. We have been doing these projects for over 40 years – we know every angle, which is why so many of the prominent developers in our area use our services.

The urban multi-family project is helping to rejuvenate cities throughout our region, and the trend is likely to stay strong. These projects often involve couples or individuals downsizing, or young urban professionals. They buy in town, eat in town and enjoy local events and attractions. We have seen the results of what a multifamily project can do to a neighborhood. With 100’s of new, relatively affluent residents the stores and amenities that develop to serve the community typically follow. When we visit past projects, even a project as little as 3 years old, we can see the growth in the community.

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