Kitchen and Bath Showroom New Jersey

See Your Options - In Person

Our kitchen showroom in central New Jersey features a wide selection of kitchens to tour – nearly a dozen in total. Our kitchen showroom is located in Union County near the border of Vauxhall and Millburn. You’ll see a wide assortment of kitchen cabinets as well as select bathroom cabinets all in warm kitchen settings.  See a range of kitchen styles, feel and test the hardware, be inspired by the range of options and narrow your decisions. Real kitchen settings give you a sense of scale and proportion and allow you to see how three dimensional kitchen cabinets can be. If you want to get started on a new kitchen our showroom is a great place to begin your journey.

Explore Multiple Kitchen Styles

What are your thoughts on a kitchen style? From classic to transitional to contemporary we have a full range of kitchen styles you can explore.  You’ll get a great perspective on the size of components, on how to utilize all important floor space most effectively, and more. Some of the most basic choices are made much easier in a quality kitchen showroom. Stop in and begin to decide what style, color, materials are part of your dream kitchen.

Choose Your Color(s)

After choosing a basic kitchen style the next choice is often color. What color will your dream kitchen be? You can work through a wide range of color choices in our New Jersey Kitchen Showroom. You will see not only color panels as shown here, you can see full doors or cabinets in a range of colors. Color is a critical choice – our showroom can help you make that choice.

Understand Different Materials

There are at least 10 different materials that today’s kitchen cabinets can be made of. You will have to choose the right material for your dream kitchen, and we will help you make that choice. You can see and feel the difference between solid Wood and Medium Density Fiberboard. You can also see exactly how a cabinet is built. Material choices are another important decision you will have to make, and we can show you the options.

Work With A Designer

The basics of kitchen design may seem obvious – a combination of floor cabinets, wall cabinets and countertops. The real challenge is in the details – and there are a lot of them. The dream kitchen is usually a combination of storage, accessibility and functionality. You store, you access, and then the kitchen must function efficiently. Our designers have extensive experience in a wide range of kitchen styles, colors and materials. They are also experts in how kitchens function efficiently and they bring knowledge and creativity together in ways that you may never have thought of. Stop by our showroom and meet with one of our designers – you will learn a lot.

Our Showroom Location

2268 Springfield Ave • Vauxhall, New Jersey, 07088

Showroom Hours:
Monday thru Friday 8-5.
Saturday 10-3.
Evenings by appointments