Graph paper to draw your NJ or NY kitchen to scale

Having trouble getting started on a kitchen remodel? Try working through some ideas on paper. How does that help? It can at least get you thinking about what goes where, and how things might fit. Use our Design Grid Paper to draw the outside walls of your kitchen space. Then measure your existing appliances. Kitchen base cabinets are typically 24″ deep (base cabinets are the ones that go on the floor – as opposed to wall cabinets that hang on the wall). Start arranging things on the grid paper. Use a pencil or make cutouts of appliance sizes and cabinets and arrange that way. The process will make you think about things like what don’t you like about your current kitchen, what is the ideal flow in the space, where should the refrigerator be in relation to the stove, etc.. It is hard to get started, there are som many questions and concerns about a new kitchen. Start by scratching some ideas out on paper – it can get you going!