A Beautiful Complete Kitchen Remodel

About This Remodeled Kitchen

We met a wonderful, creative couple in Somerset County who were  exploring a new kitchen for their beautiful home. Working closely together we were able to design and install an entirely new kitchen with a three tone theme. The cabinets are primarily bright white. There are some navy blue cabinets that provide additional storage options and offer a visual break from the white. Any finally the kitchen island offers a beautiful wood grain finish. There is abundant storage, a range of the appliances including concealed dishwashers , a beverage cooler and a hidden microwave. The expansive kitchen, dining nook and living room have come together in a cohesive space that offers abundant room for family and friends.

A Quick Video Tour Of This Kitchen

Features Of This Kitchen Remodeling

  • Transitional style
  • Custom frameless cabinets
  • Two-tier cabinets with glass doors on top
  • Two different countertops
  • Double-sided island
  • Farmhouse sink
  • Beverage refrigerator
  • Wine Refrigerator 
  • Floating shelves
  • Appliance garage cabinets
  • Symmetrical layout

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